Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Accomplishments and Events

They are small accomplishments, but here they are:
  • Almost one page of thesis writing! Okay, so it looks miniscule when I type it out...but if I do one page tomorrow...and maybe two pages the next day, that's four pages before the end of the week*.
  • I got up and ran 4 miles this morning
  • I sketched out a rough, preliminary outline of my thesis. Just to get thing moving.
  • I printed off some documents for the engineering class so I can start working on my syllabi
  • I read a chapter of a book for my thesis.
  • I started a new knitting project that should be finished soon. More details later.
*My goal is gradually increase what I'm doing until I've got it done. Or something like that

And now, for events:
  • I went to the dentist today, and I have groovy teeth. Groovy is good for music or hippies, but bad for teeth apparently. Even though I'm a good brusher and I floss and I don't drink soda, I have some teeny spots that have to be filled next week. Uggh. My first non-cleaning dentist appointment.
  • They later called to tell me the price. It is then that I discovered that my dental insurance sorta sucks.
  • I've thus been weird about my teeth all day. I think I'll go brush them now. And floss.
  • It's raining. My cat is hiding under my chair (she doesn't like bad weather).
  • My new boss started today. I think he's all right. He even poked fun at me about my thesis.
And now I'm heading to bed so that I can run and work on my thesis tomorrow. I really want to graduate this semester, and I'd also like to say I've been productive when six people in one day ask me about how my thesis is going.

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little miss simers said...

A page a day is a reasonable goal. What a good start!