Thursday, January 01, 2009


Yes, I read them. Yes, I watched the movie. But it and its merchandising spawn need to go away.

What has sparked this hatred toward the latest fad in terrible fiction? As I was driving around recently I pulled up behind an annoyingly shiny SUV. As I looked at the monster before, I saw a license plate frame that read: "Warning: I drive like a Cullen". Because vampires have awesome superhuman senses, they can drive like bats out of hell and not get caught.

Robin McKinley sums up her dislike of Stephenie Meyer's abominations by talking about their bad example. I think a book that encourages young women to be passive little twits, wholly consumed by their seemingly undying love for a creepy stalker boy, and empty of any personality or common sense is BAD. Also books that encourage people to continue driving huge pointless SUVs and buying crap related to them are BAD. But whatever.

I feel that my dislike for Twilight, etc. has grown exponentially into hatred. Crappy fiction needs to go away. Luckily crappy fiction tends to fade after a few years, so that in roughly a decade few will remember these silly vampire stories.

If you want a good vampire story, read Sunshine by Robin McKinley. It has a complex female heroine, good writing, and an awesome vampire battle.


The Aimful Wanderer said...

Today I saw a preteen girl in a store with a picture of that really creepy looking man who plays Carlisle. I found this exceedingly unnerving.

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't for the crappy fiction, bookstores would go out of business

boberton said...

Star wars and harry potter were awesome in their time. in one year, kids that loved HP are making fun and laughing at him. And, ppl think that star wars is for nerds. WTF? Soon ppl will laugh at the twilight series and say it sucks. Just wait and see...