Thursday, July 10, 2008

Injury Update

So, I've been taking it easy on my leg, for those concerned that I might make a dumb decision and ignore the strange pains. In fact, I took it a little too easy, and discovered not being active enough makes it hurt worse*. So I've been trying to strike the right balance between active and not active.

Swimming feels pretty good, so I've been doing some of that. In fact, I'll probably head to the pool tonight for a bit of a cardio workout as well as practicing my strokes**. Light yoga is also good.

Sunday, I decided to lace on my running shoes and run around Stillwater, OK for a brief run. The morning breeze and singing birds made me do it. But, surprise--I felt great afterwards. No pain at all--though I took a little preemptive anti-inflammatory medication.

I'm thus moving forward cautiously, adding a little activity and making sure to not overdo it. It appears that I'm on the mend! *Knocks on wood*

*Go figure. I'm just ready for it to be completely healed so I can go on with my life and run lots.

**I've enrolled in a swim class to help me improve my swimming. I'm decently confident in the water, but I still feel a little anxious or tense, and I expend too much energy instead of relaxing and stroking slowly and reasonably. I hate that I can run 3 miles and feel fantastic, but swimming two laps leaves me completely out of breath.


bockstark.knits said...

Hope it gets better soon! Sucks that taking it easy makes it worse!

Justin Ray said...

My knee is still being unpredictable. Some days it only hurts a little. Other days I wince just to stand up. Most of the time it is somewhere in between. And it isn't just my knees anymore... I think I'll have to make another trip to the doctor eventually. :/