Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Postulating (and Harry Potter week)

I resisted until now. I refused to get caught up in the hype of the seventh Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows). I rolled my eyes every time I saw the "Snape: Friend or Foe?" signs. I refused to speculate on the ending of the series--I was patient to read the book.

But then I finished rereading the series. And now I'm running through the possibilities in my head. And strongly desiring the release date to be here. I know I can't stay up all night when it comes out and read it--but I'll want to. (Luckily I have a race the next morning to get up for). I'm sure my entire weekend will be eaten up trying to finish the book so that I squelch the strong desire of wanting to know before the end of the weekend, when I have to return to work.

I used to get this strong desire when reading books in junior high. I read Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword, and discovered there were more stories about that world (The Hero and the Crown). I was just filled with the urge to gobble the book down. I would get it about all sorts of books, but recently Harry Potter has triggered it.

I don't get that irresistible thirsty feeling much anymore--perhaps my education has made me less enthusiastic in the regard about books--but it's nice to still feel.

And now I wait. And I already swear to not reveal any information about the book except the safe "You should read it; it's good."

I think I've decided to make this week's posts all about Harry Potter in some way. Hope you enjoy.

Here's a fun little animation page--they parody Harry Potter, and I laughed, so I thought I would share.


Justin Ray said...

I like Wizard Angst and the Mysterious Ticking noise the best. Thanks for sharing those.

I'm not too awful pumped about the book. I look forward to reading it, but I'm not excited. I hardly ever am about books, though, even if I've been waiting for them a long time. I don't usually get them when they come out, but wait until it is convenient and then read them at a nice, slow pace. I'm glad your excited though...it seems exciting.

the secret knitter said...

You know that apparently there are photographs of every single page of the book floating around the web, right? I shall provide no links to keep you from being tempted. :)

I know exactly what you mean about wanting to devour entire bodies of work after becoming aware of that first magical thing (a book, an album, a movie). That's how I am.

I think that "irresistible thirsty feeling" goes away some in part to the sheer volume of choices we have out there. It's not like we're left wanting for things to read, hear, or see. Still, I think those of us who are passionate about creative works are able to access that child-like enthusiasm. With all that's available, I could make the case it's a perpetual state. It just takes a little extra, like Harry Potter, to realize it.